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Venric Mark to Return for 5th Year, Looking for “Career-Defining Injury”

17 Nov


EVANSTON, Ill. – After the official announcement that Venric Mark would be granted a medical hardship waiver and be allowed to play a fifth season, the Northwestern Wildcats’ Senior running back told reporters that he was excited to return to the field, explaining that he hasn’t yet had the career-defining injury he has been working towards. “I’ve put in the hours, spent the time in the weight room – but I haven’t been able to put together that all-around spectacular injury everyone’s expected,” said Mark. “I felt like I was about to break through and do it with (the left ankle fracture) last season, but it didn’t quite happen.”

Head coach Pat Fitzgerald confirmed Mark’s commitment to the Wildcats and desire to produce a truly great debilitating injury. “Venric’s always had big dreams,” said Fitzgerald. “He wants to go out there and give the NFL scouts a jaw-dropping injury they’ll never forget.”

“I want to join the likes of Joe Theismann, Sterling Sharpe, and Bo Jackson,” added Mark. “Those are the guys I look up to.”

Additional sources confirmed that in preparation for Mark’s return, Northwestern’s offensive line had begun practicing “just kind of watching” as defensive linemen run by and maul the team’s most valuable players.