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College Student Posts Status in Support of Gay Marriage; Is True American Hero

6 Nov
Wilkinson's tireless actions, she hopes, will make the world better for "all my super hot gay friends."

Wilkinson’s tireless actions, she hopes, will make the world better for “all my really hot skinny male gay friends.”

EVANSTON, IL – Local student Jessica Wilkinson, who yesterday posted a Facebook status reading “GAY MARRIAGE IS LEGAL IN ILLINOIS!  Awesome day for this nation #GayRights”, is being hailed as the next great American civil rights visionary by peers and political pundits alike. Continue reading

Women Should Leave the Kitchen and Edit Wikipedia

2 Feb

A recent New York Times article reported that only 15 percent of Wikipedia contributors are women, a figure that is unacceptable for a variety of reasons.

She should be dusting, but the rest of this picture is ideal.

The George Clooney page does not mention his dreamy eyes once, and the article on post-structuralism is not nearly simple enough for the lesser gender to understand.

Why is this?

Because women are too busy washing dishes to read a book and converge the information into a well-organized, yet normally long-winded and redundant tiered essay. The power to edit also damages their delicate sense of insecurity.

She said her group had persuaded women to express themselves by urging them to shift the focus “away from oneself — ‘do I know enough, am I bragging?’ — and turn the focus outward, thinking about the value of your knowledge.”

Yes, women. Your knowledge is valuable! You offer a unique perspective on the world! The New York Times is even offering subtle suggestions on which topics need your input!

Even the most famous fashion designers — Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo — get but a handful of paragraphs. And consider the disparity between two popular series on HBO: The entry on “Sex and the City” includes only a brief summary of every episode, sometimes two or three sentences; the one on “The Sopranos” includes lengthy, detailed articles on each episode.

Yes! This! Exactly this! The world needs more information about Sex and the City! I don’t know anything about that show due to the fact that I’m both a man and the Wikipedia page is severely lacking. All I know is that it’s about a bunch of post-menopausal harlots who reject domesticity and therefore make ineffective housewives who will never find a man to settle down with due to their stubbornness.

The power of women to divert their chattiness from inattentive boyfriends to the popular online encyclopedia is an important step towards immortalizing 21st century views on laundry and speaking only when spoken to. Women are good for something after all!

UPDATE: We’re inspiring women everywhere.

Pic via: [WHITEZINE]