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2012 Sherman Ave Readers’ Poll: Results

1 Jan

If there’s one thing Sherman Ave prides itself on, it’s follow through. That, and our stunning mastery of the entire AP U.S. History Flashcard set. So, in the hopes of amping you up to take the 2013 Sherman Ave Readers’ Poll, here are the results of last year’s 2012 Sherman Ave Readers’ Poll. Enjoy the blast from the heinous past.

Most Heinous Event of 2012

With 18% of the vote, the winner was: Evanston revoking the Keg’s liquor license. The Keg may not have survived the wrath of Tizzy, but it did manage to eke out a one-vote victory over the advent of #YOLO, followed closely by the I Agree With Markwell campaign and the notorious Vandy seal clubbing scandal. Rest in peace, old friend. We swear to hold you forever in our memory by linking to this every goddamn opportunity we get.

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Jennifer Lawrence Snubbed by the Grammy’s

9 Feb


In a move likely to end the long-running awards show’s credibility, Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly not been nominated for a single Grammy.

Officials from the Grammy’s confirmed that Hollywood “it-girl” and all-around “slampiece” J-Law was snubbed for all of Sunday evening’s awards because APPARENTLY there aren’t categories for perfectness, breast shape or ability to give down to earth and fun interviews. Sux, rite?

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