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A Comprehensive Timeline of DM Emotions

10 Mar


A couple things that I had working against me going into DM: I slept like 4 hours a night the week before, and I had 5 cups of coffee the day of (yes I KNOW that you weren’t supposed to do that). I’m also so caffeine dependent that I might as well just take it intravenously at this point. So, like, dsklgjsiojklcxmv nerjeoijwsak. I am one tired motherfucker.

Block 1: I look around the tent. 30 hours in this bad boy. The feeling of “what the fuck have I gotten myself into god I really hate myself sometimes” comes on with the ferocity of an orgo midterm. The music starts. I bob my head with tepid enthusiasm. I should probably conserve energy. After all, it’s 30 fucking hours. I dance awkwardly. I realize that I’m not used to dancing in situations other than The Keg. I hate myself. It’s been 30 minutes. I have completely exhausted all of my dance moves. Ooh snack time! “All dancers with nut allergies please exit the tent.” Awkward, that’s me. They start playing music that people can get into (MY LIFE. WOULD SUCK. WITHOUUUUUT YOUUUUU) and this DM thing is kind of fun.

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Report: Nap Marathon to counter Dance Marathon

8 Mar
"Nap City" by Tyga will reportedly be the theme song of this year's NM.

“Nap City” by Tyga will reportedly be the theme song of this year’s NM.

EVANSTON—Students in Northwestern’s Bobb-McCulloch Residence Hall have formulated plans to engage in a 30-hour Nap Marathon while the rest of the student body toils away at Dance Marathon, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

The plan for Nap Marathon reportedly was devised Friday morning when all of Bobb woke up in a condition described as “hungover as fuck.”

“We were awakened by some chick on Dancer Relations running through the hall yelling how excited she was,” said a Weinberg sophomore who was granted anonymity to speak candidly about NM’s motivations. “That’s when we realized that we liked sleeping more than helping children with epilepsy.” Continue reading