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Junior: Northwestern Crush Is TOTALLY About Me

7 May

An anonymous post on the Northwestern Crushes Facebook page has prompted a Bienen junior to believe that she just HAS to be the subject of the crush.

On the morning of Saturday, April 27th,  Northwestern Crushes published the following anonymous declaration of love signed by “a friend”:

"Note: This is NOT about Hayley," the crush said.

“Note: This is NOT about Hayley,” the crush said probably.

“We’ve been friends for the past year. You don’t know how I feel about you and I don’t know how to tell you. You’re beautiful and I’m so lucky to have met you. I don’t want to say your name, but I hope one day I can tell you how I really feel. Sincerely, a friend.”

Weinberg junior Hayley Smith announced Monday that she is just so sure that the post is about her.

“It said ‘You’re beautiful and I’m so lucky to have met you,’” she noted. “I mean, that has to be me, right?”

Smith’s certainty still remains questioned. One student commented on the post “Jill Kim, is this you?” The comment received 3 ‘likes’. Another student commented “lolololol Erin Hayes.” Smith waved the comments away.

“The post clearly says ‘We’ve been friends for the past year.’ Who else could that possibly be referring to?” she said.

This is the second post that Smith claims “could LITERALLY not be about anyone else.” She referred to another anonymous post from April 15th that mentioned “the girl with the brown hair sitting in Norbucks.”

Monitor of the “NU Crushes” Facebook page declined to comment and the matter is still under investigation by NUPD.