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Sherman Ave’s Official Guide To Fall Dillo

2 Oct

Well I’ll be a motherfucker, fellow Wildcats. The glorious holiday known only as Dillo, the college equivalent of the combination of Christmas, New Years, 4th of July and Casmir Pulaski Day, is cometh again 8 months early.

And that’s fucking SICK HOLY CHRIST.

Now, you must be thinking: “Samwise, how much glue did you snort this morning bro there’s only one Dillo.” Well let me inform you that Continue reading

The Top 3 Times Ohio State Blew It In The Last Decade

2 Oct

By now, you’ve probably heard all about the vaunted Buckeyes from An Ohio State University coming to town this weekend. I’ve been told that they have “good players” and a “rabid fanbase that travels crazy well” and a “coach who traded his soul to the devil for a coupla national championships.” And this is all true. They’ve earned their sterling ranking with an undefeated last year and an impressive start to the season.

But I’ve also seen these Buckeyes. I grew up watching these Buckeyes. I know who they truly are. So in the interest in finding some chinks in the scarlet and grey armor,* I thought we’d take a little stroll down memory lane and look at the top three times that OSU blew it in the last ten years: Continue reading

28 Shitty College Mascots That Are STILL Better Than A Poisonous Tree Nut

1 Oct

Do me a favor real quick. Take your right index and middle finger and press it about an inch below your jawline under your ear. Can you feel a pulse? You can?! Awesome! Then you hate Ohio State University.

While there are quite literally thousands of reasons to hate #AnOhioStateUniversity, we’re choosing to spend this article focusing on Ohio State’s mascot, the Buckeyes. According to Yahoo Answers, a buckeye is a Continue reading

Calling All Fans: A Pep Talk For The NU Football Season

30 Aug

When you step foot on campus this fall, remember that you are here for only one reason. You’re not here to pass Orgo (not gonna happen regardless), you’re not here to rage at The Keg (I’m sorry, that was WAY too soon), and you reallyyyy aren’t here to earn any sort of degree (look, I’m on a six-year plan, k?).

The reason you’re at NU is to Continue reading