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11 Things I’d Do For a Klondike Bar

15 Aug

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I don’t know about you, but I freaking love Klondike Bars®. They are my morning, noon, and night. A frosty cold Klondike Bar® is the wind beneath my wings, taking me higher and higher on a path to glorious ecstasy.

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Oreo Accolade

13 Jul

Dear Sir or Madam:

Zion is located somewhere in between those two chocolate cookies

My purpose in this letter is plain and simple: to state bluntly how much I absolutely adore the Oreo cookie. For me, it is the highlight of my night when I have the pleasure of dunking the sacred treat into a chilled glass of milk right before I go to bed. Providing sensual comforts akin to gourmet, the Oreo cookie embraces me with an ecstasy imbued with purely artistic flavor. Without fail, every night’s sleep that is preceded by this beauteous gustatory ritual features the most wonderful dreams. In my experience, Oreos are always antecedent to a sound slumber. Continue reading