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Mayfest Announces Rebecca Black, Female, As Dillo Day Headliner

16 Mar

EVANSTON, Il.—Mayfest spokesman announced early Friday morning that, as per Google Doc request, the Dillo Day headliner will be Rebecca Black, a female.

“After seeing a link to a Google Doc that read ‘BRING A FEMALE ARTIST TO DILLO DAY’ throughout our newsfeed,” Mayfest spokesman Connor Dart said, “we decided Continue reading

Northwestern to Break Ground on Huge Fucking Inconvenience in 2015

8 Oct
Just the cherry on top that your day needed.  Source: Some jackass architect

Just the cherry on top that your day needed.
Source: Some jackass architect

EVANSTON, Ill. – Explaining that nothing was more important than the future of Northwestern University and its students, university president Morton Schapiro announced plans to break ground on Northwestern’s newest massive inconvenience by Fall of 2015.

“We could not be more excited about getting started on this project,” President Schapiro insisted of the enormous eye-sore of a construction site, which will begin to frustrate students as soon as the current gigantic annoyance is underway.

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Muhammad: Everyone please calm down

19 Sep

Who brought the marshmallows?

MEDINA — In a press release this morning, the prophet Muhammad called on Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all others alike to “seriously calm the fuck down.”

“Guys, seriously? I mean, I’m really flattered that you think I’m important enough that a building has to be bombed every time I’m depicted, but honestly, we need to all take a chill pill. I preach peace, love, and acceptance — how did you guys turn that into ‘blow shit up when angry?'”

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