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Winter Quarter at Northwestern is Amazing and I Don’t Care Who Knows It

5 Jan
(via northwestern.edu)

(via northwestern.edu)

Listen up, Wildcats. Betches love to complain about winter in Evanston. It’s soooo cold. Rush is soooo boring. I don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day. Nobody will ever love me. I’m going to die alone surrounded by my cats and McKinsey and Company employee of the month awards. The passage near Kellogg is like totally a wind tunnel. I should have gone to Madison, it’s totally not this cold up there. My Wings Over order is taking sooooo long to get here. Where is my Honey BBQ? Where is the Frosbite Express??!??!?

I’m gonna stop you right there. Winter quarter is amazing, you just don’t know it yet. Here’s a rundown of all the reasons why January through March are a wonderful time to be a Wildcat:

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We’ll Miss You, NU Intel

6 Mar
RIP, free thinking Medilldos

This took 45 seconds to make.

Dearly Departed,
It is with a heavy heart and somber praise that we raise our bottles of Smirnoff Ice to you, dearest NU Intel, to express our regret that you have decided to terminate publishing next Friday.

We’ll miss you, NU Intel. How will we know what parties the journalism kids went to this weekend now? How will we be righteously pissed when we aren’t picked for the weekly installment of Person You Ought To Know? And how the HELL are we going to find out what NU students like to pretend they’ve done in bed? Continue reading