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Sherman Ave Interviews: Morty Schapiro

6 Jun

The Sherman Ave Editors (Evander Jones, Ross Packingham and Sir Edward Twattingworth III) sat down with Northwestern University President Morty Schapiro for an interview.  Why he agreed to let us do this, we may never know, but we sure are happy he did.

"I'm allergic to cats."

“I’m allergic to cats.”

Packingham: If you could make a drink called “The Morty,” what would it entail?

Morty: Oh man. Like an alcoholic drink?

Twattingworth: Wow, interesting that your mind went there.

Morty: Yeah… Well, you know when I drink, like last night–this is really exciting–but one-third orange juice, two-thirds Perrier.

Packingham: Perrier? Is that vodka? Or rum?

Morty: And they have to give me this much wine so I can hold it to pretend I’ll drink it, but I’m not a wine drinker. I like beer when I have Asian food. I like Thai beer, or Japanese beer or something.

Packingham: Like a Budweiser?

Morty: I don’t think I’ve ever had one of those. So I’m not big on like American Continue reading

Extra Shuttles to Run at USC as Temperatures Drop Below 70

30 Jan
Former USC football player O.J. Simpson, putting on gloves to protect him from the bitter cold.

Former USC football player O.J. Simpson, putting on gloves to protect himself from the bitter cold.

LOS ANGELES – Sources report that the University of Southern California student body received an e-mail from the school’s administration today announcing that extra campus shuttles will be running tomorrow, due to extreme weather conditions.

Since early last fall, meteorologists have been predicting that the Los Angeles metropolitan area would likely see the “coldest winter yet,” with temperatures dropping as low as 65°F, with even the possibility of some rain that’s almost cold enough to maybe seem like it could be snow if it were a lot colder.  The university’s president, C.L. Max Nikias, explained that the university had contracted the shuttles in November as a precautionary measure. Continue reading