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Watch: Fan Video of Eric Johnson Folk Jam

11 Mar

Eric "The Triumphant Troubadour" Johnson

Local singer-songwriter Eric Johnson (also a member of the acclaimed Pick Six Jazz Sextet) has slowly been cultivating a devoted following over the past couple of months, especially thanks to numerous performances at the hipster enclave Kafein. Drawing on influences like Andrew Bird, The Tallest Man on Earth, and M. Ward, Johnson’s songs make ample use of flowing chord progressions, soaring melodies, and his technical mastery with a loop machine to bring beauty and texture to his music, which then become irrevocably intertwined with his poignant lyrics. Needless to say, he’s pretty damn good on his own.

But recent evidence leaked to Sherman Ave suggests that Johnson has began work on a project of even grander proportions.

A fan video, taken last night in the Willard Rat Trap by Friend of the Ave Katie Chilton, captured an open rehearsal with Eric Johnson on guitar and vocals, Charlotte Malin on violin, and a mysterious mandolin player. The leak has led to intense speculation about what the future holds in store for Johnson and his music, including rumors that he is planning on fronting what could perhaps become one of the greatest folk bands of the modern era. But whatever the future holds in store, be sure to check out last night’s fragmented performance of the Johnson original “Garrison Slaves,” and try not to shout out in delight at its bucolic beauty.