9 Milestones You Hit in the 9 Years The Office has been on TV

16 May
Said everyone when The Office stopped running.

Said everyone when The Office stopped running.

For those of us who are soon-to-be rising seniors, The Office has been a fixture in our lives since we were greasy haired seventh graders trying to cope with the idea that there could be letters in a math problem (seriously, WTF still?). Although the last few seasons have been lackluster, we have to admit that we used to drop everything on Thursday night to invite Michael, Pam, Jim, and Dwight into our homes and our hearts. So in celebration of tonight’s series finale, let’s take a look at some of the adolescent milestones we experienced over the course of The Office‘s nine-year tenure.

2005: Received some wisdom from your middle school health teacher.

2006: Went to your first school dance. You were too scared to grind to Ms. New Booty, but you managed to blend in somehow.

2007: Guess who got his braces off…

2008: Got to second base with that chick from your AP European History class. She’s now a womyn’s studies major at Vassar.

2009: Rolled up to your prime parking spot on the first day of senior year of high school.

2010: Used your fake ID for the first time.

2011: Puked everywhere at a night-before-Thanksgiving party because you were trying to prove to all of your state school friends that you’re SO COLLEGE.

2012: Took Intro to Sociology. You still aren’t sure what sociology is because you only went to lecture twice.

2013: Your hot art history TA finally called on you in class.

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