Freshman Seminar: Weekly Response Haikus from a Student to her Professor

7 Jan

Week 1
Freshman in college
So hard to make friends; guess I’m
Just smarter than them

Comments: Adjusting to college can be tough. Drop by my office if you ever need to talk. Good use of a semicolon. –Professor Evans

Week 2
Far from home I meet
Someone who exposes me
To a whole new world

Comments: Glad to hear you’re having a better experience here. Also, avoid pop culture references in your writing; you’ll forget all about Jasmine and Aladdin once we study the Romantics! –Professor Evans

Week 3
O Wise Professor,
You teach so much that isn’t
On the syllabus

Comments: Sounds like your intellectual life has become very fulfilling.

Week 4
A young woman’s heart
Beats for the first time for such
An amazing man

Comments: …good use of enjambment.

Week 5
Can’t wait one more day
Take me tonight and teach me
How womanhood feels


Week 6
Alone in this world
Rejected by the one who
Has stolen my heart

Comments: This is Beth, Professor Evans research fellow. He asked me to do comments for your work. Your treatment is a bit trite, but the subject is certainly resonant. Don’t worry, you’ll get over it.

Week 7
How dare you toy with
My heart from your place of pow’r
Men are such assholes

Comments: Beth again. Took a look at your earlier work. Uh, glad to see you focus on more universal themes.

Week 8
Don’t care about this
Poetry is the dumbest
Maybe I should try being a psych major

Comments: Probably not a bad idea.

-Snarl Barx

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