12 Adorable Baby Boys That Will Melt Your Heart

6 Jan

Infancy is a world of wonder. It’s full of curiosity, awe, discovery, imagination, hope, and new life. In a world that at times may seem harsh, jaded, cynical, and unimaginative, the smile of a newborn baby can be a breath of fresh air. For these reasons, we’ve compiled twelve photos of darling bouncing baby boys to brighten your day.

1) Too. Much. Adorableness.

Baby 1

2) This lil’ guy’s kinda sleepy! So precious.

Baby 2

3) Wake me up when the cuteness ends.

Baby 3

4) Okay and now I’m swooning.

Baby 4

5) Happiness in its purest form. Love it.

Baby 5

6) My heart. It’s melting. I can’t.

Baby 6

7) Umm, how can you be this beautiful already YOU JUST CAME OUT OF THE WOMB.

Baby 7

8) So tender. Everyone deserves a childhood like this.

Baby 8

9) Simply stunning.

Baby 9

10) My heart is breaking. I just want to pinch his cheeks and blow raspberries on his tummy.

Baby 10

11) Spellbound. Those eyes. THOSE EYES.

Baby 11

12) Can I PLEASE just take him home with me to cuddle?

Baby 12

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